LVL beam span calculator

LVL full form is Laminated Veneer Lumber and it is the most commonly used engineered wood product in construction. Laminated veneer lumber is mostly used in the form of beams. In such a situation it is important to know which size the LVL beam how far can span. So today we are discussing in this article how can calculate lvl beam span and the LVL span calculator.

LVL beam span calculator

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What is LVL beam

LVL is also known as Laminated Veneer Lumber and it looks like plywood. But LVL beam is a high-strength engineered wood product. Thin layers of wood are glued one by one on each other to make an LVL beam. LVL is a recent innovation that is very useful in construction. It is a very high-strength and most widely usable construction material like beams, trusses, beam rim boards, headers, etc. It is available in a wide range of sizes, So you can get it near your desired size.

LVL Span Calculator

To determine the LVL beam span you have to know the beam size. Because you can not calculate the span of the LVL beam without knowing the LVL beam size. Generally, LVL beam is available in 7/4 inches to 7/2 inches width. But for the LVL beam span calculator depth of the beam is necessary. According to the rule, a 1-inch depth of beam can span up to 1.67 feet. So to calculate the span of the LVL beam you have to multiply by 1.67 in the depth of the beam and the beam depth should be in inches.

Generally, an LVL beam can span a maximum of 18 feet to 24 feet without any external support.

LVL Beam span chart

Size in (inches)Size in (mm)Span in (ft)Span in (meter)
5-1/2140 mm92.74 m
7-1/4184 mm103 m
9-1/4235 mm123.66 m
9-1/2241 mm123.66 m
11-1/4286 mm133.96 m
11-7/8302 mm144.27 m
14356 mm164.88 m
16406 mm185.49 m
18457 mm206.10 m
18-3/4476 mm206.10 m
20508 mm216.40 m
23-7/8606 mm247.32 m
LVL beam span table

This table shows Which size LVL beam and how far can span till maximum. This chart shows only the maximum span, you can keep the minimum span as per your need.

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