Functional planning of building

The things that are required to be accomplished or required before making a building can be termed functional planning. So especially good building planning imports a hygienic and safe environment for living and working.

This also affects working efficiency and output of work, as a well-planned building (business building). Improve the working environment and help the workers working there feel pleasure in working instead of feeling boredom. Ultimately this helps in the increase of efficiency and output of work.

Functional Planning of the Building

Important part of functional planning of building

As site selection is very important for good planning and designing of a building, there are a few principles that should kept in mind while selecting a site.

  1. The exact purpose of building and extending privacy is desire.
  2. The location of the site most preferable is fast developing locality.
  3. The site should situated in an elevated place.
  4. The soil of the site should be of high bearing capacity.
  5. The area of the plot should be such that the building on it should fulfill the requirements of the owner.
  6. The site should be closer to such an area where the police, hospital, water supply is all the basic amenities should be available.

Site plan activity

The layout that shows the location of the area that belongs to the building under consideration a site plan is always prepared before construction of the building.

The local laws that are formed by a subordinate authority are known as bye-laws.

It can defined as the standards and specifications designed for minimum safeguard of workers during construction.

It also includes the health and comfort of users and provides safety to the general public.

Every locality prepares certain rules and regulations controlling the development of the area under its command and the order prescribed is known as regulation, while the law of local authority is known as Bye-law.

Bye-laws have mainly three main objects-

  1. As the provision of a bye-law gives guidelines to the engineer it becomes easier to preplan the building activities.
  2. Any type of health Hazard development can be prevented without any resemblance.
  3. The basic provision of bye-law provides safety to the people working or living in them against fire, noise, health hazards, and structural failure.

The basic principles of planning

The basic concept of putting all the elements and units of a building in a system and in a manner such that the maximum and best utilization of the space area and facilities can done.

There are many favorable and unfavorable circumstances present at the site of work that the architect should consider.

The favorable conditions include

  1. Availability of water, electricity, gas, and proper drainage.
  2. Means of transport;
  3. The nearness of the police station, fire brigade, etc.
  4. Shopping facilities;

Unfavorable condition

  1. Possibility of heavy fluids in the river;
  2. Existence of retained soil;
  3. Existence of reclaimed soils;
  4. Pollution of the atmosphere due to industrial activities in the surrounding area;
  5. Decade neighborhood.

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